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Tank Gauging System – Qatar

TGS System Panel in Operation
TGS System Panel in Operation

Tank Vision – Tank Scanner & Host Link With Industrial Computer assembled in RITTAL cabinet.

Various types of Level instruments connected to central controller.  Further this controller will have a link to GUI / HMI.

Brief System Description:
Third party interface to be designed in line with the GUI.  Communication protocol normally be proprietary type!
Provisions have been made in order the system to be capable to be connected to more tanks in the future with out any further system hardware to be installed.  In every tank a radar type level gauge will be installed.

  • For water tanks and diesel tank selected radar accuracy is 3mm.
  • For the diesel tanks no the accuracy of the radar is 1mm according to specifications.
  • For the diesel tanks the radar will be connected via HART protocol to the Tank Side Monitor.
  • From the Tank Side Monitor via communication network the measured values will be transferred to the Tank Scanner NXA820.
  • There all calculation for volume correction will be done. All measured and calculated values thought Modbus connection will be transferred to a local PLC.  This Modbus connection will be done using the gateway Host Link NXA822.  At the PLC all alarm settings will be inserted from the operator panel. Hardwired connected to the PLC all local displays will be connected.  Also the PLC will control the visual and audio alarm indication.

All above system components will be installed inside a Rittal type design cabinet. The cabinet was placed inside the pumping house “safe area”.  For the water tanks the radar instruments will be connected directly to displays. The level is indicated on the local displays.  Also relays (two) outputs have foreseen to displays for alarm settings.

  • RADAR Level Transmitters FMR 240 and FMR540
  • WS-C2960G-8TC-L from CISCO.
  • PD656-46, PDA2453-EAR (PREDIG)


• Real time test simulation arrangement.
• Demonstration of actual site conditions.
• GUI for ease of access and trending.

Project Completed by: 04 May 2010

End User: Qatar Petroleum