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Design Modification to reduce wastage of resources.

Trunking design at the Initial Stage of Panel Design.

As per the initial design a portion is removing from both corners of each Trunking inside panel.

Approximately 40mm of material is removing from Trunking in every joint and most of the panels are having at least 6 joints.  Total wastage of 240mm trunking in each panel.

A considerable amount of trunking wastage was observed during detailed design stage and modification / corrective actions are taken.
As a result material wastage and associated additional works are prevented during manufacturing stage.

Modified Design after Observation and Corrective Action:

Design Modification are done in a manner that, joining of trunking is possible without removing the edges / corners.
Joining of Trunking without removing the corners.

Total Savings:
2% ~ 3% of the total ducts in a panel.